New PDF release: Gallium Arsenide Ic Applications Handbook

By Dennis G. Fisher, I. J. Bahl

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At present about 15,000 MMIC chips are being produced per year for the advanced air-to-air missiles. 6 COMMERCIAL SYSTEM APPLICATIONS GaAs monolithic IC technology is finding wide applications in upgrade versions of existing and next-generation high-volume commercial systems up to 100 GHz as shown in Fig. 5. The widespread usage is taking place due to high-yield manufacturing of GaAs monolithic ICs, high performance, high reliability, and small size. A number of potential applications of monolithic ICs in the mmW frequency range (30 to 100 GHz) have also been identified [18-25].

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10 Multifunction self-aligned gate (MSAG) FET cross section showing features to improve manufacturability. 16 lnder Bah/and Dennis Fisher Ion Implantation ] (i) Implant Si~ (ii) Deposit Si3N4 (iii)Anneal at 850~ I Gateand ResistorFormationI TiWN Evaporation I ...... 9 Ohmic Contact I liil) Ni/AuGe Evaporation I First-LevelMetal I TiPdAu Evaporation I w DieleCtricDepOsitiOn I CVD Si3N4 I Second-LevelMetal I (i) TiWN/Au Evaporation (ii) Au Plating I Via Hold and Backside Plating I Alloying (i) Via Hole Etching (ii) Au Plating FIG.

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