Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and the by Katie Pavlich PDF

By Katie Pavlich

ISBN-10: 1596983213

ISBN-13: 9781596983212

A bloody scandal and its shameless cover-up:

No scandal is extra threatening to the Obama management than Operation quick and livid. whereas different scandals contain cash, quick and livid comprises lives, together with that of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, gunned down with a weapon that the government installed the fingers of Mexico’s narco-terrorists.

As surprising as Operation quickly and livid was—and this publication explains, in chilling element, simply what this operation carried out by means of the ATF, lower than the supervision of the Justice division, entailed—equally appalling is the blatant cover-up of wrongdoing by way of the Obama management. No reporter has been extra dogged in monitoring down the proof approximately quick and livid than Katie Pavlich. In her lovely new e-book she reveals:
The files that undermine the White House’s claims of lack of know-how approximately quick and Furious
How Eric Holder, President Obama’s legal professional common, has, below oath, again and again replaced his testimony
The nonetheless mounting loss of life toll from quick and Furious
The retaliation opposed to quickly and livid whistleblowers
Why place of birth defense Secretary Janet Napolitano can be charged with perjury
The Obama administration’s carrying on with attack on moment modification rights
Why quick and livid can be a higher scandal than Watergate
Unraveling the secret of what speedy and livid was once all approximately, Katie Pavlich grants a beautiful indictment of a thorough management prepared to trample the structure and possibility lives to accomplish its ideological goals.

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12 n n n n n Within the ATF, the massive size of Operation Fast and Furious made it something of a conversation piece. Special Agent Peter Forcelli was working in the home invasions and violent crime division of the ATF when he heard other agents boast of an operation involving 1,200 firearms. 13 But then things became more unusual. “They were talking about surveillance. ” Forcelli was present at a meeting where Hope MacAllister gave a PowerPoint presentation with photographs of straw purchasers buying guns in Phoenix-area gun stores.

S. S. S. is based on an incomplete survey of confiscated weapons. S. 16 A large fraction of these guns eventually end up “lost” and in the hands of cartels. 19 Regardless of the actual facts, it was clear the Obama administration was united in its enmity toward American gun shop owners. Close them down, as NRA President David Keene says, and you close down the Second Amendment. After all, he maintained, what good is the right to own firearms if there is no place to purchase them? n n n n n With a revamped Project Gunrunner that boasted a presidential imprimatur, additional authority, and expanded resources, including Origins of a Scandal 33 a new database for gun tracing, the ATF sought to make inroads against the Mexican cartels besieging the border.

The bill was meant to correct a quirk in Arizona law, which allowed a citizen to fire at a criminal in justifiable self-defense only as long as the citizen drew and fired right away; merely drawing a gun and pointing it at a criminal could lead to prosecution. But this commonsense fix was opposed by the anti-gun lobby. 24 Napolitano was not considered controversial, and her confirmation as Secretary of Homeland Security proceeded smoothly. Holder’s nomination was a different story, given his reputation as a fiercely partisan member of the Bill Clinton-era Justice Department.

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