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This can be an amazingly compact precis of ways psychology has alternately embraced and overlooked advancements in evolutionary conception over the last centuries. The compactness is essentially because of the really good writing, which regularly without problems compresses 3 issues right into a unmarried brief sentence. So strong is the writing that after i attempted to isolate extracts to demonstrate this they all started operating into each other! Uncompressed, from one other pen, i feel this ebook may possibly simply have run to four hundred pages.

I stumbled on this e-book strange in concentrating on psychology by myself. The customary phases in its historical past took on a unconditionally new coloring whilst obvious as both the include, or extra apparently the denial, of evolutionary idea. i have now not obvious the 2 stitched so tightly jointly, particular from social technology in most cases and social concerns similar to racism and eugenics.

The writer boldly brings his account up with regards to the current, facilitating the weighing of ways new advancements in evolutionary concept reminiscent of evolutionary psychology give a contribution to psychology itself.

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This is, this was, and this always will be one of the key questions to be solved by evolutionary psychology (see chapters 6 and 7). Morgan understood its importance and his answer was a surprisingly modern one. He understood that ‘‘experience carries on from the results of evolution,’’ as Boakes puts it, and for Morgan the results of evolution need only be minimal. e. genetically part-determined in modern parlance), namely emotional responses to certain classes of events and the organization of coherent actions as responses to such events, and that attaching to these are some relatively simple learning processes that are able to associate consistently linked features of the world (in effect, the detection and conservation of cause–effect relations in the world, though Morgan would not have used such terms).

They may not have been the kinds of controlled and systematic studies that experimental psychologists routinely began to use through much of the twentieth century, but they nonetheless provided Morgan with a more secure base on which to develop his ideas. Observing the behavioral development of chicks with care, inserting changes into their environments and recording the effects (hence the experimental method), and playing games with his dog but in most constructive ways, Morgan came to two broad conclusions.

How much continuity? And just what did continuity mean and what expectations did it create? If species A is nine tenths like species B (even if this could be measured then, and it could not), would this mean that the minds, the psychological processes and mechanisms (had these been known at the time, and they were not) of species A would likewise be nine tenths like species B? It was all so uncertain and tentative. Psychology itself was in its infancy, and so all that people had were vague ideas, what now would be called folk psychology, about the animal minds driving the behaviors that were observed in a haphazard and unreliable fashion.

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