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By Fred W. Allendorf, Gary H. Thorgaard (auth.), Bruce J. Turner (eds.)

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It is my desire that this number of reports might be profitably learn by way of all who're attracted to evolutionary biology. notwithstanding, i want to particularly goal it for 2 disparate teams of biologists seldom males­ tioned within the comparable sentence, classical ichthyologists and molecular biologists. considering that classical instances, and even perhaps ahead of, ichthyologists have stood in awe on the super variety of fishes. the majority of attempt within the box has consistently been directed towards realizing this variety, i. e. , extracting from it a coherent photo of evolutionary procedures and lineages. This attempt has, in flip, continually been overwhelmingly established upon morphological comparisons. the sensible merits of such compari­ sons, in particular the convenience with which morphological facts might be had from preserved museum specimens, are manifold. yet thought of objectively (outside its context of "tradition"), morphological research by myself is a negative instrument for probing evolutionary techniques or elucidating relationships. The techniques of "relationship" and of "evolution" are inherently genetic ones, and the genetic bases of morphological characteristics are seldom identified intimately and regularly unknown totally. previous during this century, numerous staff, particularly Gordon, Kosswig, Schmidt, and, in his salad years, Carl Hubbs, pioneered the appliance of genetic ideas and modes of reasoning to ichthyology. whereas yes that the majority modern ichth­ yologists are conversant in this physique of labor, i'm virtually both definite that few of them regard it as pertinent to their very own efforts.

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Many of the results upon which this model is based come from recent work by Wright and his colleagues. , 1980). ,. 2 Figure 4. Diagram of proposed model of residual tetrasomic inheritance at isoloci. Loci A near the centromere show disomic inheritance while distal loci B show intermediate disomic-tetrasomic segregation because of secondary pairing during meiosis of homeologs and crossovers. TETRAPLOIDY AND EVOLUTION OF SALMONIDS 31 A ~1 j:l:.. --. 0- Figure 5. Diagram of proposed model of pseudolinkage resulting in an excess of nonparental gametes produced by hybrid individuals.

At a tetrasomic locus, the allelic frequency at equilibrium will be equal to the fourth root of u (assuming no double reduction divisions). Thus, the allelic frequency at a tetrasomic locus will be much higher than at a disomic locus. 001 at a disomic locus. The inheritance at a tetrasomic locus will be more complex. 000 Table X Expected Inheritance Patterns for a Recessive Trait at a Single Locus and Duplicated Loci for Matings between Affected and Normal Parents Inheritance pattern N onduplicated Isoloci" Tetrasomic b Parental genotype Normal Affected AA Aa AAIAA AalAA AalAa Aalaa AAAA AAAa AAaa Aaaa aa aa aalaa aalaa aalaa aalaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa "Assuming no linkage.

Comparison of linkage relationships in different species should provide insight into the process of post-tetraploidy chromosomal evolution in salmonids. Unfortunately, all of the available linkage data are restricted to a single subfamily: Sal- TETRAPLOIDY AND EVOLUTION OF SALMONIDS 23 moninae. , 1982). Males show a much lower frequency of recombination than females (Table VI). , 1981). The differences in recombination frequencies and in the occurrence of meiotic multivalentsbetween sexes suggest that there are substantial differences in meiosis between male and female salmonids.

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