Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism and Socialism: Considered - download pdf or read online

By Juan Donoso Cortes Marques de Valdegamas

ISBN-10: 1112515852

ISBN-13: 9781112515859

Initially released in 1879. This quantity from the Cornell college Library's print collections was once scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 structure through Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned conceal to hide and pages might comprise marks notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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Spirit two are and things in the totally —despotism and Rousseau, who had sometimes sudden impossible in a truly Catholic society^ revolutions. and grand illuminations, has written these remarkable words " Modern governments are undoubtedly in- — debted to Christianity, on one side, for the firmness of their authority, and on the other, for the lengthened Nor has her between revolutions. intervals extended to alone this acting for, ; influence on themselves, made them more humane. To become convinced of this, we have only to compare them with she has governments" (Emile ancient has said among — " There is 1.

AND LIBERALISM, in SOCIALISM. the family, domestic authority, it was necessary to human constitute another authority above all infallible organ of all 35 ones, the dogmas, the august depositary of that should be at once holy and sancti- all criterions, fying, that should be the v/ord of God incarnate world, the light of God dancing on divine charity inflaming all souls earth, the infinite heaven which should treasure waters for those those life for treasures of the graces of which should be the refreshment of fatigued ; men, the refuge of for ; in the the horizons, the a sublime and hidden tabernacle, to shower them up on the in all who men, the fountain of living sinful who are thirsty, the bread of eternal wisdom for the ignorant, way; which should be full of are hungry, the wanderers a warnings and lessons for the powerful, and for the poor full of love and that it mercy could speak to firm, that it ; an authority placed so high all with power, and on a rock so could not be shaken by the waves of this restless sea of the world ; an authority founded directly by God, and which should not be subject tions of human and ever old, to the fluctua- things; that should be at once ever duration and progress, and which new God should bless with His special assistance.

In her finds ho place, nor sin, nor error, nor weakness her tunic is without stain tribubeacon placed on a high rock. and what ruins us our ; first origin ; ; ; ; ; ; lations are for her ; triumphs ; the hurricanes and the gentle breezes carry her to port. Everything miraculous : it in is her is spiritual, spiritual, supernatural, and because her government is of intelligences, and because the arms with which she defends herself and slays, are spiritual . ; it is super- natural, because she ordains everything to a supernatural LIBERALISM, end, men and because her duty supernaturally ; it AND SOCIALISM.

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Essays on Catholicism, Liberalism and Socialism: Considered in Their Fundamental Principles (1879 ) by Juan Donoso Cortes Marques de Valdegamas

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