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By Vishal Singh Chandel

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This e-book is an introductory direction intended for the scholars of B.Tech Semester II. The salient gains of the booklet are : various target difficulties in addition to brief questions based on new development of exam. New subject matters e.g. nanotechnology, ultrasonic and superconductivity have been lately brought within the syllabus and feature been lined with enough info within the e-book. representation and figures to give an explanation for the complicated techniques. Discussions at the themes that are even if now not the a part of UPTU syllabus are of extreme value for the coherence of the problem.

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Dr. Vishal Singh Chandel did his M. Sc. in Physics with specialization in Electronics after which PhD from Lucknow collage. He has certified All India CSIR/UGC nationwide Eligibility try out for the award of JRF.He has quite a few papers to his credits within the box of Liquid Crystal and Ferro electrical fabrics in foreign journals of reputation and guiding M.Phil. and PhD scholars of their study paintings. he's educating Physics to B.Tech scholars at crucial college for the earlier one decade.

Dr. Isht Vibhu did his M.Sc. in Physics with specialization in Electronics after which PhD from Lucknow collage. He has certified All India CSIR/UGC nationwide Eligibility try out for the award of JRF. He has 9 study papers to his credits. at the present he's instructing Physics to the undergraduate scholars at Y D (P G )College, Lakhimpur Kheri.

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C) 5. : (a) 16. : (c) 27. : (c) 6. : (d) 17. : (a) 28. : (b) 7. : (a) 18. : (a) 29. : (c) 8. : (a) 19. : (d) 30. : (c) 9. : (c) 20. : (d) 3I. : (c) 10. : (b) 2I. : (a) 32. : (c) II. : (c) 22. : (d) 33.

Goes to infinity as y goes to infinity. Divergent for y~oo. Hence this is physically acceptable only when the series is terminated after certain r. we can do this by setting. Al =0 (and therefore all Cl3 = as= ..... e. A= (2r+1) r =0,1,2 ..... E 1 or 1 /2nw = (2r+ 1) = 2 (r+'2) or E = (r+1/2) nco, r =0,1,2 ........ 89) thus the energy eigen values are %nco, ~ nco, %nCO, .... obviously, quantized and have a definite minimum value viz. These are, %nco. This is called zero point energy and is characteristic of quantum mechanism.

A 2a qJ3(X) has four nodes at x = 0, 3' '3' a. qJ4(X) has (n +1) nodes. (II) Parficle in a 3D - Box (Rectangular):Fig. 68) everywhere else This is an infinite- deep potential well inside a parallelopiped of sides a, b and c. x a z Fig. 11 Since the particle cannot have infinite amount of energy,if V(x,y,z) = 00 for points outside the box implies that particle cannot exist outside the box and so 'I'(x,y,z) = 0 for O~ x,y,z and x ~a, y ~b, z ~c Schrodinger time independent wave equation is - 42 Wave Mechanics 2m only V2\j1 + -2 (E - V)'l' = 0 n were E = total energy.

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