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By Elizabeth A. Povinelli

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In Economies of Abandonment, Elizabeth A. Povinelli explores how overdue liberal imaginaries of stressful, eventfulness, and moral substance make the worldwide distribution of lifestyles and demise, wish and damage, and persistence and exhaustion now not purely brilliant but additionally simply. She offers new methods of conceptualizing formations of energy in overdue liberalism—the form that liberal governmentality has taken because it has spoke back to a sequence of legitimacy crises within the wake of anticolonial and new social events and, extra lately, the “clash of civilizations” after September eleven. according to longstanding ethnographic paintings in Australia and the U.S., in addition to severe readings of felony, educational, and activist texts, Povinelli examines how replacement social worlds and initiatives generate new chances of lifestyles within the context of normal and amazing acts of overlook and surveillance. She focuses fairly on social tasks that experience no longer but completed a concrete life yet persist on the threshold of attainable life. by means of addressing the query of the persistence, not to mention the survival, of other sorts of lifestyles, Povinelli opens new moral and political questions.

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Before elaborating what an alternative glossary might consist of, let me turn to what I mean by neoliberalism and by way of this explain why I use the chronotrope of late liberalism rather than other available chronotropes such as liberalism, neoliberalism, postcolonial liberalism, or diasporic liberalism. It is critical to this discussion that even as I describe how I am using these terms I do not think that they are referring to some given state of affairs. Liberalism, late liberalism, and neoliberalism do not exist as things in the ordinary sense of the term but rather as actions like a sighting or a citing.

What interests me is how these strictly grammatical figurations are absorbed into other discourses, affective attachments, and practices of late liberalism. Take, for instance, teleological and eschatological discourses. ”29 In other words, the differences in narrative tense are metadiscursively refigured through teleological and eschatological discourses such as sacrifice and sacrificial love. As chapter 5 unpacks in more detail, discussions of sacrificial love can figure death, whether an individual’s death in war or a generation’s loss in structural readjustment, as best understood from the perspective of the redemptive end from which this death gains its meaning.

How might we turn from an ontology of potentiality to a sociology of potentiality in which potentiality is always embodied in specific social worlds? How can we grasp some of the qualities of a material object that is nevertheless a discursive object? How can we talk about subject-effects and object-effects without making materiality disappear or making its different manifestations irrelevant to the unequal organization of social life? And finally, how can we simultaneously recognize that discourse makes objects appear, that it does so under different material conditions, and that the matter that matters forth from discourse is not identical to discourse?

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