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By James P. Hogan

ISBN-10: 1416521089

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Eighteen years have handed because the first manned project to Earth arrived from Venus. With the 1st colonists already constructing themselves around the vivid, sunny global of transparent blue skies and wonderlands of towering mountains and ice deserts, Kyal Reen arrives to hitch the Venusian clinical and archeological groups which are operating to reconstruct the tale of the mysterious and enigmatic extinct Terran race that after flourished there. experiences of Terran geology, clinical works, and historic documents convey that Earth's early peoples witnessed terrifying cataclysmic cosmic occasions in skies very diversified from these noticeable at the present time. In his travels one of the Terran ruins, Kyal meets a biologist referred to as Lorili, who's trying to clarify sure baffling similarities among a few Terran and Venusian lifestyles types which are irreconcilable with the tested indisputable fact that Venus is a much more youthful planet than Earth. previously aligned with the ?Progressive? activists again on Venus, Lorili admires the features of tenacity and backbone written via Terran background. She constructs a conception of Venusians being descended from Terran ancestors. despite the fact that, even taking into account the significantly exaggerated time scales that Terran technological know-how assigned to the approaches of organic and planetary evolution, extra examine exhibits that there might have been no overlap. The Terrans have been extinct lengthy prior to lifestyles emerged on Venus. yet there's a varied, unforeseen resolution to the riddle. Lorili and Kyal must struggle for his or her thought and their lives.

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But he still did not know where he was, and the speaker at the other end of the circuit must have understood his situation completely. "Don't worry, Dave. This is Frank Poole. I'm watching your heart and respiration-everything is perfectly normal. Just relax – take it easy. " Soft light flooded into the chamber; he saw moving shapes silhouetted against the widening entrance. And in that moment, all his memories came back to him, and be knew exactly where he was. Though he had come back safely from the furthest borders of sleep, and the nearest borders of death, he had been gone only a week.

At the end of the hundred days, Discovery would close down. All the crew would go into hibernation; only the essential systems would continue to operate, watched over by the ship's tireless electronic brain. She would continue to swing around Saturn, on an orbit now so well determined that men would know exactly where to look for her a thousand years hence. But in only five years, according to present plans, Discovery II would come. Even if six or seven or eight years elapsed, her sleeping passengers would never know the difference.

When Bowman used the highest magnification of Discovery's telescopes, he appeared to be hanging above a slightly flattened globe, looking down upon a vista of racing clouds that had been smeared into bands by the giant world's swift rotation. Sometimes those bands congealed into wisps and knots and continent-sized masses of colored vapor; sometimes they were linked by transient bridges thousands of miles in length. Hidden beneath those clouds was enough material to outweigh all the other planets in the Solar System.

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