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By MaryJanice Davidson

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Ah, weddings - each woman's reminder that she'll most likely die on my own, coated in cat hair and wearing unflattering sweatpants. And so far as undesirable marriage ceremony stories pass, my pal Stacy's might take the cake - i am dateless, i am a bridesmaid, and an individual simply tried to whack the groom (known, no kidding, because the Boss) in the midst of the rite. Whoa...hang on. i would now not enjoy reception foodstuff or doing the electrical Slide, yet a person who attempts to damage a girlfriend's special occasion by means of bumping off her real love should wade through me first. So now I, assistant hairdresser Jenny department, am supporting to seek down a real-life undesirable man, and the top suspect is Kevin Stone, who claims to be operating undercover for a bunch known as Covert Ops safeguard. All of this is often tough to think - my new function as spy-in-training, the truth that i am surrounded by way of individuals with freaky superhuman powers, and such a lot of all, the way in which that this unbelievably attractive villain/double agent/whatever Kevin is makes each (and I suggest each) nerve-ending tingle the second one he comes into view...and it sounds as if to be mutual. dwelling with flying bullets and incessant threat is some distance from sweeping up hair on the finish of the day. but when it potential being round Kevin, a lady may possibly get used to it...

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The rubberneck factor was usually pretty high. People lost all sense once they got over the initial duck-and-cover impulse. I. personnel had been firm about clearing the perimeter. Mirage and The Wolf were there as well, and the three of 30 MaryJanice Davidson them looked shocked. Not to see him, of course. To see the cute little receptionist holding his Glock. “We got your call,” The Boss said, staring. “I sent the paramedics away. ” “That’s good,” the cutie replied. Not that Mirage was hard on the eyes, either—with those long legs, sky-blue eyes, and white-blond hair, she was really something—but she was taken.

Kevin asked him pleasantly. His temper, a vicious animal that he kept in a too-small cage, stirred. ” “My name’s Kevin Stone. P. ” 34 MaryJanice Davidson “Infiltrating a splinter cell down south. ’s opposite number. Y’all do something good, they do something bad. Y’all use your funding to make helpful robot killers, they use theirs to blow up banks and pick up the pieces to put in their purse. —Support Tracking and Recon. ” The Wolf clarified. “Yup, are you getting it now? ” Kevin snorted. P. lost their funding nineteen months ago,” The Boss said abruptly, with the air of a man who wants to deliver the bad news quickly and get it over with.

43 “Who answers the phones. Yes. I think—” She looked around the room and raised her hands, palms up, for a moment. I. by playing the patriot card, or suck you in with your own curiosity, he’d outright kidnap you as an indentured servant. “Just like he’s got plans for all of us. ” she guessed. “Way to soften him up,” Mirage muttered, looking relieved when he laughed. ” he asked. ” The Bucket 1st Avenue, Minneapolis Three hours later “Kevin! ” He groaned. ” She steadied herself on the edge of the bar and almost—but not quite—tipped over.

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