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EagleFiles no 1 comprises over 50 photographs together with infrequent unpublished photographs of the Dora plane that flew safeguard for the Me 262s of JV forty four. This publication examines the foundation and destiny of those colourful machines and their pilots via own interviews, leters, diaries and extra. eight 1/2'' X 11'', comprises profiles, most sensible perspectives, backside perspectives and special colour illustrations through Tom Tullis of the 4 identified Doras.

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The results suggest that fixation of Wxb took place recently. Moreover, Differential regulation at the wx locus of rlce 17 Table 3. Distribution of nonwaxy alleles in Japanese rice cultivars and weedy forms. ) Wxa Wxb Intermediate 25 0 25 0 17 20 14 0 8 9 6 8 3 11 4 2 Wxa itself appears to have no adverse effects, since weedy forms frequently carry it. Intermediate alleles were also frequently detected in cultivars from Nepal (4 of 26) and Manipul, India (11 of 24), where no Wxb has been detected.

Recently, opaque endosperm with about 10% AC was found in an indica from Nepal (Heu and Kim 1989). Opaque endosperm was controlled by an allele at the wx locus. In the present study, wx mutants induced from Wx b always showed no or only a trace of amylose. The opaque mutant might be a leaky mutant but might have a considerable amount of amylose if it has mutated from Wx a, which produces higher levels of gene product and amylose than Wx b. Importance of differential regulation New functional genes seldom emerge in the evolutionary process.

Studying a cross between two ecotypes of Plantago lanceolata, Wolff (1987) reported that ecologically relevant morphological genes were linked with effects expected and unexpected from parental combinations. In the near-isogenic lines examined in the present study, the allozyme-character linkages observed in early generations largely disappeared. Selfing for six generations holding a particular locus heterozygous is expected to conserve a heterozygous segment of about 10% of the length of the chromosome on both sides of the selected locus (Hanson 1959).

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