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By Henry L. Foster, J. David Small, James G. Fox

ISBN-10: 0122625021

ISBN-13: 9780122625022

Illnesses -- quantity II of The Mouse in Biomedical study. Compiles for the 1st time in a single structure a story detailing infectious illnesses of the mouse.

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Fig. 3. Left side of the nasal septum shown in Fig. 1. Cross sections of nerve fibers (N) are present deep in the submucosa. Note the hypeφlasia of the sub­ mucosal glands and squamoid appearance of the surface epithelium. x 3 7 5 . Fig. 4. Right side of the nasal septum depicted in Fig. 1, showing normal olfactory epithelium. Numerous large and small nerve fibers (N) are present near the bony septum. x 3 7 5 . Fig. 5. Nasal passage of a mouse with suppurative rhinitis due to Mycoplasma pulmonis.

1978; N a k a n e and 1978). Serology Since mycoplasmal infections are generally limited to mucosal and serosal surfaces, serum antibodies are usually present in low titer. T h u s , conventional serology, i . e . , c o m ­ plement fixation, hemagglutination inhibition, and g r o w t h in­ hibition, has limited v a l u e , especially in early infections or latent infections w h e n the n u m b e r of o r g a n i s m s is s m a l l . T h e m o r e recently d e v e l o p e d , m o r e sensitive E L I S A ( H o r o w i t z and Cassell, 1978) r a d i o i m m u n o s o r b e n t assay ( B r u n n e r et aL, 1977), and solid phase r a d i o i m m u n o a s s a y (Taylor, 1979) m a y c i r c u m v e n t this p r o b l e m .

4. Systematic investigations of the epizootiology of M. pul­ monis infection are generally l a c k i n g . H o w e v e r , transmission b e t w e e n c a g e contacts as well as animals in adjacent cages has b e e n reported (Hill, 1972; N e l s o n , 1 9 3 7 a , c ) . T h u s , there is a m p l e reason to believe that offspring of infected d a m s most c o m m o n l y acquire the infection by aerosol t r a n s m i s s i o n during the first few d a y s of life ( K l i e n e b e r g e r and N o b e l , 1962; L e m c k e , 1961).

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