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By Charles Hamilton

ISBN-10: 0806112921

ISBN-13: 9780806112923

283pp., index, bibliography, 10 colour plates through George Catlin and eleven sketches by means of American Indian artists, one map. Illustrations contain undergo claw necklace, Indian deerskin gown, Indian headdress, dating scenes, buffalo hunt, maiden's ball online game, and so on. Contents by way of a number of natiave American individuals comprise An assault on a Flatboat via Peter Clarke - Wyandott; Boyhood coaching for the Warpath by means of Chiyesa - Sioux; The Peyote Cult via John Rave - Winnebago; Curing a Wounded Warriot by way of leader Plenty-Coups - Crow and masses else of tolerating curiosity.

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A case of hare-lip was commonly attributed to the rabbit. It was said that a rabbit had charmed the mother and given to the babe its own features. Even the meat of certain animals was denied the pregnant woman, because it was supposed to influence the disposition or features of the child. Scarcely was the embryo warrior ushered into the world, when he was met by lullabies that speak of wonderful exploits in hunting and war. Those ideas which so fully occupied his mother's mind before his birth are now put into words by all about the child, who is as yet quite unresponsive to their appeals to his honor and ambition.

Bead hair-strings were later made, and they, too, are very pretty. When the hairdressing was finished, the part in the hair was sometimes marked with a stripe of red or yellow paint. Next, the husband applied red paint to his wife's face, sometimes just to the cheeks, sometimes covering the entire face. If the woman was to be exposed to the wind and sun all day, she usually had her face covered with a protective coat of paint mixed with grease. It was "style" for the Lakota woman to use much red paint, but the custom was very likely a necessary and Page 19 comfortable one before it became a mere matter of style.

Such skins, of course, burned easily in the hot wind and sun, consequently children were often painted with the red paint and grease, both boys and girls, the mother performing this duty and not the father. If the man of the family was to be home for several days, he busied himself in many ways, lightening the work of the woman. He cut down trees for the ponies and for wood, made and repaired her saddles, cut up meat conveniently for drying, and, when there was nothing else to be done, gladly amused the baby of the family.

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