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By Thom Hartmann

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ISBN-13: 9781576756270

Millions of operating americans speak, act, and vote as though their monetary pursuits fit these of the megawealthy, international companies, and the politicians who do their bidding. How did this occur? based on Air the US radio host Thom Hartmann, the apologists of the suitable became masters of the sophisticated and principally unconscious elements of political verbal exchange. it is not an escalation in Iraq, it is a surge; it isn't the inheritance tax, it is the loss of life tax; it isn't drilling for oil, it really is exploring for power. Conservatives did not intuit the trail to persuasive messaging; they realized those options. there isn't any the reason for this is that progressives cannot examine them too. In Cracking the Code, Hartmann exhibits you ways. Drawing on his heritage as a psychotherapist and advertisements govt in addition to a countrywide radio host, he breaks down the constitution for potent conversation, sharing routines and examples for sensible software.

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Lincoln used the code to motivate soldiers to win the Civil War and end slavery. Yet when Lincoln and FDR used the communication code to push through an idea, their story stuck because it was fundamentally honest. Bush’s story wasn’t honest, and ultimately it didn’t stick. The difference between Bush and Lincoln, and between Bush and FDR, is simple and has nothing to do with conservative/liberal: Bush lied. There was no smoking gun. Bush persuaded the American people to invade Iraq by motivating them to avoid “the threat gathering against us” when there was no immediate threat—at least not from Saddam, as Hans Blix was telling the United Nations as recently as a week before our invasion of Iraq.

When I’m deciding on an important action, I: V must see all aspects of the situation A must be able to justify the decision to myself and/or somebody else K know when it’s the right decision because my gut feelings tell me so 8. When it’s important to me to influence another person, I pay careful attention to: V the pictures I paint with my descriptions A the intonation and the pace of my voice K what kind of emotional impact I can bring to the situation 9. When I’m bored, I’m more likely to: V change the way I look or how things around me are arranged A whistle, hum, or play by making sounds in my throat or chest K stretch, exercise, or take a hot bath 10.

That’s an example of an ecology check. The word ecology means a system in balance. When you are communicating about a particular topic, ask yourself these questions: ࡯ Does it serve you and others well? ࡯ Will it help serve community, democracy, and all life on Earth? ࡯ Is it sustainable over time in a healthy balance? Because conservatives believe that the natural human role is to dominate all of nature and, ultimately, each other (to prevent nature’s evil and our evil from emerging), they sometimes will justify using whatever means necessary to bring the undisciplined public into line.

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