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2009). Freitag et. al. found these decreased wakening cortisol levels in ADHD children only when ADHD was also associated with comorbid oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). , 2009). , 2009). In another study of 128 ADHD male children, age 6 – 14 years, Ma et. al. , 2011). 12 nmol/L ADHD vs. 001. Despite these differences in cortisol levels, there were no significant corresponding differences in ACTH levels between the ADHD group as a whole vs. 05). Cortisol, a hormonal product of the adrenal glands, can be used as an indicator of hypothalamic - pituitary - adrenal -axis (HPAA) activity.

2005, 12, 409–441. Thouless, R. H. Test unreliability and function fluctuation. British Journal of Psychology. 1936, 26, 325–343. Tian LX, Jiang TZ, Wang YF, Zang YF, He Y, Liang M, et al. Altered resting-state functional connectivity patterns of anterior cingulate cortex in adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Neurosci Lett. 2006;400:39–43. Todd RD, Huang H, Smalley SL, Nelson SF, Willcutt EG, Pennington BF, Smith SD, Faraone SV, Neuman RJ. Collaborative analysis of DRD4 and DAT genotypes in population-defined ADHD subtypes.

5% in Arkansas (CDC, 2003). , 2007). , 2006). ,1998). It is likely therefore that the ADHD population in many studies is actually fairly heterogenous, further adding to the problems of patient selection for population studies and the selection of appropriate controls. ,1998, Pliszka, 1998, Poulton, 2005, Negrao & Viljoen, 2011). Recently, however, long-term, case control data have begun to emerge on final adult heights in ADHD. Biederman and colleagues studied the effect of ADHD and stimulant treatment using longitudinal, case-control studies of male and female children with ADHD (n = 137) compared to control children without ADHD (n = 124) followed for 10–11 years into adulthood.

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