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By P. Gottfried

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This e-book argues that the yank conservative circulate has been mostly an invention of newshounds and Republican activists.

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No school of conservatism that has gained attention in the last fifty years has left the political arena for monkish or contemplative lives. Save for the remnants of the anti–New Deal Right, all contemporary forms of conservatism have their lineage in what Buckley and his comrades worked inventively to put together. Most of these forms also reflect the periodic revisions undergone by the positions once embedded in the postwar conservative movement. CHAPTER 2 CONSERVATIVE THEORY IN CONTEX T D IFFERENT E RAS One does not require a fixed definition of conservatism to rec- ognize the postwar American movement’s misapplication of that term.

58 I asked Kirk if he liked the author, who was rumored to have ghosted Barry Goldwater’s acceptance speech as the Republican presidential candidate in 1964. ” Little did he know at the time that this figure in whom he found nothing pleasing would provide a successor value to his own in the progression of value conservatisms that has unfolded since the middle of the twentieth century. Hierarchy and prescriptive liberties would give way to democratic equality as well as to the corresponding obligation to wage wars to spread American ideals.

The combination of Burkeanism, natural law talk, and grim warnings about the Communist temptation did not preclude the triumph of new “conservative” values, which centered upon equality and global democracy. Like other values that had once been in season, these victorious ideals were now destined to surge forth as newly discovered eternal truths. A G ERMAN D IGRESSION A politics based on values, similar to what was then taking place in the United States, shaped the postwar “moderate” Right in Germany.

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