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The following denier terms are in use: Denier per Filament (dpf): The denier of an individual continuous filament or an individual staple fiber if it were continuous. In filament yarns, it is the yarn denier divided by the number of filaments. Yard Denier: The denier of a filament yarn. It is the product of the denier per filament and the number of filaments in the yarn. Total Denier: The denier of a tow before it is crimped. It is the product of the denier per filament and the number of filaments in the tow.

COAGULATION: The precipitation of particles from a suspension in a liquid, usually resulting in formation of a gel. COAGULATION BATH: A liquid bath that serves to harden viscous polymer strands into solid fibers after extrusion through a spinneret. Used in wet spinning processes such as in rayon or acrylic fiber manufacture. COALESCED FILAMENTS: Filaments stuck together by design or accident during the extrusion process. , coalesced filaments. COARSE END: See COARSE THREAD. COARSE FILLING: See COARSE THREAD.

Polymerization takes place in the colloidal phase. The process enables the production of very high molecular weights at increased polymerization rates. Only applicable to addition polymers. EMULSION SPINNING: The process of spinning synthetic polymers in dispersion form, then heating to coalesce the dispersed particles. Normally a matrix polymer provides support until coalescence is completed. END: 1. An individual warp yarn. A warp is composed of a number of ends. 2. An individual sliver, slubbing, roving, yarn, thread, or cord.

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