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By Timothy R. Pauketat

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Quite a few miles west of Collinsville, Illinois lies the continues to be of the main subtle prehistoric local civilization north of Mexico. Cahokia Mounds explores the background in the back of this buried American urban inhabited from approximately A.D. seven-hundred to 1400.

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I want to know the story of who built Cahokia and how they did it because the answers to those questions have a bearing on understanding all North American history—even the history of the United States itself. So, we’ve dug into Cahokia’s central plaza and one of its mounds to find evidence of when and how it was built, and we’ve dug at a few outlying towns to see whether or not these too were built at the same time by the same people. But most recently we’ve discovered a series of outlying farming villages that had been filled with people who were growing food for themselves and, probably, for the Cahokians.

City-state An independent city that has control over its surrounding territory. effigy mound An earthwork created to represent a geometric form or a human, animal, or bird. Mississippi River Bottoms East of present-day St. Louis, Missouri, the flat, fertile plain of the Mississippi River, which is intermixed with wet, swampy lowland, and frequently floods during the spring. They spread slowly through North America and finally to South America. plaza Public squares without houses. Cahokia’s “Grand Plaza” is the largest such open square north of Mexico.

Louis site, crews of archaeologists found more clues. Amidst the high-status houses and large post pits 39 / the great ceremonial center disintegrates and inside a modest palisade wall were a series of temples and storage huts that had burned to the ground. Inside the incinerated storage huts were whole pots, burned baskets full of maize, and still-usable wooden and stone tools left behind during this East St. Louis fire. The fire dated to around 1160 CE. This information shows that the end of Cahokia’s rule over the farmers of the Mississippi River Bottoms and surrounding hills was rooted to some extent in the threat of violence.

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