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By David Brin

ISBN-10: 0307572722

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The planet Jijo is forbidden to settlers, its ecology secure by means of guardians of the 5 Galaxies. yet over the centuries it's been resettled, populated via refugees of six clever races. jointly they've got woven a brand new society within the wasteland, drawn jointly by way of their worry of Judgment Day, while the 5 Galaxies will notice their unlawful colony. Then a wierd starship arrives on Jijo. Does it carry the long-dreaded judgment, or worse--a band of criminals prepared to ruin the six races of Jijo for you to conceal their very own crimes?

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Amphitryon, like any other general, was not averse to handing out punishments when he deemed them necessary—he enforced his will firmly enough, but he took no particular joy in making people suffer. But he was jealously possessive of Alcmene, and he took his own honor very seriously. In this case there seemed no one else to blame for his wife’s infidelity, no one to punish except her. But any move along that line had been effectively forestalled. Once Amphitryon had firmly put out of his mind his first wild impulse to burn his wife alive, he meditated taking a great vow never to touch her again, for fear of bringing down on his own head the jealousy of Zeus.

But what they thought of the quality of his song could be seen from the expressions on their faces. Tiresias was by far the most famous prophet in Cadmia, or for many and many a mile around. Some said he was a child of Zeus, one of the Thunderer’s uncountable bastards who were scattered all around the world, and that this explained both his deformity and his occult powers. Whatever the truth of that theory, I do not remember that Tiresias ever denied it. The seer did not seem to object to being kept waiting in this way.

Most of the time. ” I knew boys who had suffered much worse treatment in their homes, and from true fathers; I had seen their bruises and heard their stories. ”He has not been cruel,” I had to admit. ”But I think he will be glad when I am no longer living in this house. But, Mother, now that you’ve started to tell me about the snakes, tell me more. Please. ” While Alcmene talked, confirming what had seemed the wildest rumor as cold fact, I stood before her listening carefully, but most of the time I did not look at her.

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