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By Stephen Eric Bronner

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Following the assaults of September eleven, 2001, clouds of ash blackened the skies over long island urban, Washington, D.C., and rural Pennsylvania. within the wake of the destruction, the USA doubtless entered a brand new period marked by means of radical adjustments within the nation's discourse and within the regulations of the Bush management. With the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, and saber damn in other places, America's worldwide battle on terror started to take form. Lofty rhetoric approximately increasing democracy and protecting freedom crammed the halls of elite strength and ruled mainstream media assurance of yank politics. Blood within the Sand deals either an incisive research and a confrontational critique of America's contemporary foreign targets and its dominant political tradition. Stephen Eric Bronner demanding situations the concept that every little thing replaced within the aftermath of 11th of September. He indicates in its place how a legal act served to legitimize political manipulation and invigorate conventional nationalistic enthusiasms for militarism and imperial growth. applying his personal studies within the center East, Bronner recognizes -- yet refuses to overstate -- contemporary innovative advancements within the sector. He criticizes the neo-conservative penchant for unilateral army aggression and debunks the doubtful inspiration of fostering democracy at gunpoint. whereas Bronner analyzes authoritarian repression, human rights violations, shrinking civil liberties, and serious socioeconomic inequalities, Blood within the Sand is neither a slim political diatribe nor a futile workout in anti-American negativism. the writer honors the United States through condemning the betrayal of the nation's best beliefs via such a lot of of these who, hypocritically or naively, invoke these beliefs the main. Bronner sheds new mild on those that insist on publicly waving the flag whereas privately subverting that for which it stands. Blood within the Sand sounds a clarion demand revitalizing the yank polity and reshaping overseas coverage alongside democratic traces. dedicated to a political renewal, Bronner urges the yank humans to bear in mind what's top approximately their nationwide background and the real beacon of wish it may well supply different international locations and different cultures.

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Legitimizing unilateral definitions of terrorism can only lend support to authoritarian regimes in repressing resistance movements. Leaders such as Musharraf have cynically used the antiterror rhetoric to connect their critics with the terrorists. Ariel Sharon has employed it to justify expanding Israeli settlements, and Bush has manipulated it to serve his domestic agenda. ” Who will pay for an apparently unending war against terror that will increasingly dominate domestic politics? Or, better, what kind of social benefits will be lowered while the private costs of certain groups are raised?

It is no wonder that the American public has proved itself increasingly incapable of grasping how much distrust its government inspires elsewhere. A current Pew poll of more than forty-four countries, directed by former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, shows that distrust of the United States 56 AMERICAN LANDSCAPE has grown in an exceptionally dramatic fashion in each of them. This includes sensitive nations such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Indonesia, where unfavorable ratings of the United States have gone from 36 percent in the summer of 2002 to 83 percent in May 2003.

Ultimately, however, we were in Baghdad to show our solidarity with the citizenry and to foster opposition to a looming war led by the United States. We agreed on the need to clarify the regional implications and 44 BAGHDAD MEMORIES secondary effects that might result from the current policy and to insist on ending sanctions on nonmilitary goods and improving relations between the two countries. All of us were appalled at the thought of a “preemptive strike” and disgusted by a peculiarly American arrogance in the conduct of foreign affairs that reaches back to the Monroe Doctrine of 1823.

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