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A textual content at the coming of global struggle I relating to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. a part of a chain of particularly commissioned titles concentrating on major and sometimes arguable occasions and issues of global historical past within the current century.

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He regularly received Admiral Rudolf Montecuccoli, head of the naval section within the War Ministry. After 1902, however, Franz Joseph never visited a naval installation. In fact, he never wore an admiral's uniform in public, yet he sported constantly a variety of military dress. The navy represented a strategic inconvenience, or rather, a great power prestige symbol with possible strategic uses. The army, on the other hand, represented the bedrock of Habsburg security: the first line of defence against Russia, the Balkan states, or even Italy, and, if necessary, internal rebellion.

4 In the spring of 1912, moreover, the governmental institutions of the monarchy were in fact functioning, if not in perfect fashion, nonetheless functioning more effectively than critics then or later have usually conceded. The story of the coming of the war of 1914 is in part a story of how this government came to convince itself that only force would resolve the problem of the South Slavs. Part of the reason for that belief would be a mounting sense that these institutions could not function in the future if the threat posed by Serbia to the foreign and domestic policies of the monarchy was allowed to go unchecked.

The second chief, to whom the political departments reported, was the crucial post for substantive diplomatic policies. All of the political departments, organized along geographical lines, reported to him. Of these, the first, which handled Russia, the Balkans and Turkish affairs, was the most important. In addition, the Ministry had seventeen administrative units, ranging from protocol issues to cyphers to consular affairs. While their chiefs played no role in policy formulation, the administrative support units played an unstated, unheralded role in the actual implementation of Habsburg foreign policy.

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