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By Steven E. Aschheim

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The essays during this quantity search to confront a number of the charged assembly issues of eu - particularly German - and Jewish heritage. All, in a single means or one other, discover the entanglements, the intertwined moments of empathy and enmity, belonging and estrangement, creativity and destructiveness that happened at those junctions.

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Indeed, these dichotomies have become even more stark in view of the apparently 36 At the Edges of Liberalism intractable Israel-Palestine conflict and the wider confrontation between the Arab-Muslim world and the “Judeo-Christian” West (this increasingly articulated notion that there is an intractable conflict between East and West is also an ideological construct designed to exclude the Muslim Orient from the legitimate Occidental sphere). It is still too early to tell in which way the “Arab Spring” will influence the outcome of these conflicts and perceptions.

Thus Franzos justified his activities regarding Eastern Jews as saving “our unfortunate brothers in faith”48 [my italics]. ”49 Towards the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century, for some dissenting sections of Central European Jewry, there was not only a kind of reluctant acknowledgment of kinship, but rather a serious countermovement, in which East European Jewry and the category of the “Oriental” itself seemed to merge in an impulse of radical affirmation.

Our present subjects, however, consist of a group of Central European thinkers who, with one or two exceptions, departed from Europe well before the Nazi onslaught. During the first three decades of the twentieth century, the center of their attention moved to Palestine. As second-generation Zionists, to be sure, they rejected Europe (and Germany in particular) as the site in which their Jewishness, as they conceived it, could be authentically validated. Yet this physical and ideological move beyond the borders of their birth did not mean that they necessarily wanted to, or indeed could, unload the fraught mental baggage they brought with them.

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