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Similarly, data gathered i n order t o plan the im­ plementation of policy may lead to the modification of policy if the data in­ dicate that the original policy is unworkable or too expensive. Again, in­ formation collected for the purpose of determining language policy or planning its implementation can serve to evaluate the impact of past policies. Thus the first three categories proposed for the characterization of socio­ linguistic survey uses are overlapping and complementary. Hypothesis Testing Language Promotion Sometimes a survey is carried out not only for the data to be collected there­ by but also for the opportunity to promote the surveyed language.

And Harris, Z . S. , 1 95 1 . 'Methods for determining intelligibility among dialects of natural languages' . Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 95 , 3 22-329. Warwick , Donald P. and Lininger, Charles A . , 1 97 5 . The Sample Survey: Theory and Practice. New York: McGraw Hill. Weinreich, Uriel, 1 957. 'Functional aspects of I ndian bilingualism'. Word, 1 3 , 203-233 . org by guest on January 1, 2011 Sibayan, Bonifacio P . , 1 975. 'Survey of Language Use and Attitudes towards Language in the Philippines'.

Hymes (1 972) has }:>roposed a useful distinction between speech situations, speech events, and speech acts. Within a community one finds many situations associated with speech, such as fights, hunts, meals, parties, etc. But it is not profitable to convert such situations into part of a sociolinguistic description by simply relabelling them in terms of speech, for such situations are not in themselves governed by consistent rules throughout. The term speech event can be restricted to activities that are directly governed by rules or norms for the use of speech, events such as two party conversations (face-to-face or on the telephone), lectures, introductions, religious rites, and the like.

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