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These programs should include education on human rights and the rule of law, and should develop instructional materials for media literacy as a bulwark against radicalization through the media. c. Engage the talents of youth and adults in constructive social action through service learning programs and initiate service learning components connected to degree and certificate programs. 6. Governments together with international organizations, governments and technology firms, should collaborate to expand Internet access, with particular attention to predominantly Muslim countries.

Educational reform efforts should therefore seek to maintain a balance in educational content, particularly at primary and secondary school levels. Youth 1. A Global Youth Alliance should be established as a mechanism through which youth can contribute to the implementation of all of the recommendations set forth in this report (not just those under the “youth” theme). These organizations have already begun working together to organize meetings that would provide the opportunity for young people of diverse backgrounds to set an agenda for action which they can then present to global leaders to win their support and assistance.

Religious leaders, education policymakers, and interfaith civic organizations should work together to develop consensus guidelines for teaching about religions. 15 Those involved in ongoing efforts should collaborate to develop consensus among religious leaders and educators on the need to teach about world religions in various educational settings, and to collect and disseminate best practices, consensus guidelines and instructional resources toward this end. The goal would be to provide base-materials that could be used by schools and religious training centers to teach about major faith traditions.

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