New PDF release: A Win-Win Proposition

By Cat Schield

ISBN-10: 0373731299

ISBN-13: 9780373731299

Sebastian Case depends on his irreplaceable assistant for every thing. yet because arriving in Vegas for a convention, mousy Missy Ward has reworked herself. From usual to ravishing. From modest and reserved to daring and sensual. And Sebastian, who'd slightly spotted she used to be a girl, reveals himself dazzled through her allure.Now she's quitting and Sebastian will do whatever to maintain her. together with accepting her outrageous guess. One spin of the roulette wheel—black and she'll stay…red and Sebastian owes her one evening of ardour. What can he lose, other than probably his middle?

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Silk. Tiny. And if that wasn’t enough to enthrall him, the musky scent of her arousal invaded his nostrils. There was no turning back. Sebastian placed a kiss on her skin just above the black material. She gasped. Intrigued, he drew his tongue from hipbone to hipbone and her body began to tremble. His mouth played over the fabric of her thong, teasing her with lips and teeth, down between her thighs to where moisture soaked the silk. He smiled as he hooked his fingers around her panties and tugged them downward.

Assistants didn’t come any more efficient or reliable than Missy. Should he be worried that she’d gotten into trouble? Noisy, crowded, chaotic Las Vegas lured tourists with over-the-top promises of adventure and spit them out with blurry memories and empty pockets. Had Missy fallen prey? Her small-town upbringing in west Texas couldn’t have prepared her for such dangers. Was she somewhere in the maze of slot machines, pouring her paycheck into one? Or perhaps she’d left the hotel and been accosted on the street.

He set his mouth against her. His first taste made him groan. Blood surged into his groin, drained from every other part of his body. He sucked hard and her hips jerked and twitched in helpless yearning. Using his tongue to tease and his teeth to tantalize, he brought her to the edge of orgasm twice, backing off each time until a low, keening sound emitted from her throat. Then she did something unexpected. Her hands had been busy in his hair, against his shoulders. Now, as he eased the pressure of his mouth and let her body quiet, she tugged her dress off her shoulders, exposing her black bra.

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