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By Bichowsky F.R., Urey H.C.

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That is why the experimental detection of the Schrodinger cat state is so difficult. Below we estimate the decoherence time Td for the parameters used in Sec. 1. Our rough estimate of the decoherence time is based on the uncertainty relation. We will consider a particle of mass m in a thermal environment 40 5. SINGLE-SPIN DETECTION IN MAGNETIC FORCE MICROSCOPY (MFM) at temperature T. Let initially the particle simultaneously occupies two positions separated by the distance Az (the Schrodinger cat state).

H/m is the permeability of the free space, and M 0 is the magnetization (magnetic moment per unit volume) of the ferromagnetic particle. 28 T. 2: An expected dependence of the CT equilibrium position ZQ on the external magnetic field, Bext. The origin is placed at the CT equilibrium position with no spin. estimate the magnetic moment of the diamagnetic sample effectively interacting with the ferromagnetic particle, we consider a rectangular solid with an area (2i? 2 nm (the dipole magnetic field, Bd, halves at this depth).

The quasiclassical motion of the CT corresponds to values |a| 3> 1. For a = 0 the coherent state coincides with the ground state of the harmonic oscillator. A spin interacting with the ferromagnetic particle on the CT affects the motion of the CT. In order to write down the operator describing the spin-CT interaction, we will consider the expression for the interaction between the 4. MECHANICAL VIBRATIONS OF THE CANTILEVER 29 quasiclassical magnetic moment of the spin and the ferromagnetic particle.

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