Stella McKay-Moffat's A Pocket Guide for Student Midwives PDF

By Stella McKay-Moffat

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This e-book is written with either measure and degree scholar midwives in brain. it truly is break up into sections, each one alphabetical. the 1st part includes many of the language of midwifery: phrases, abbreviations and definitions. the second one part includes universal stipulations, methods, emergency events, and aiding details. in regards to the authors; Foreword by means of Dame Lorna Muirhead, DBE, President of the Royal collage of Midwives 1997-2004; Preface; part 1: The Language of Midwifery; part 2: speedy Reference subject matters; Figures: Flow/action charts; 1.1, 1.2, 1.3: supply of occipito-posterior place; 2.1, 2.2, 2.3: supply of face presentation; 3.1: basic haemoglobin Composition; 3.2.1, 3.2.2: common grownup haemoglobins; 3.3: basic Fetal haemoglobin; 3.4.1, 3.4.2: Sickle telephone haemoglobins; 3.5.1, 3.5.2: Alpha thalassaemia; 3.6.1, 3.6.2: Beta thalassaemia; four: Heel prick websites; 5.1 to 5.9: Placenta kinds

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ADOPTION * 25 Supervises children intended for adoption. Appoints a Guardian ad litem as child’s advocate, usually an experienced social worker, in a contested adoption or if there are High Court proceedings, and as a court adviser. Provides counselling service for adoptees wishing to apply for their original birth certificate. : Married couples (including same-sex), one of whom must be over 21 and the other over 18 years, unless they are the mother or father of the child. Must be resident in the UK Single person over 21 years of age (there must be special grounds for a man to adopt a female child unless he is the partner of the child’s mother) One partner of a pair if the spouse cannot be found or is mentally ill Children for Adoption: Must be free for adoption, under 18 and not married.

Drug therapy (v) temporary relief of milk engorgement (see breastfeeding below) Aim: Remove milk from the breast as comfortably as possible. Prevent breast engorgement. Preparation: Explain procedure to mother / seek consent (NMC 2004a) Equipment sterilised – electric / hand pump, cups, tubing, container for milk BREASTFEEDING * 41 Wash nipples prn Maintain privacy Action: Mechanical / electric pump: Place cup over nipple and areola. Apply suction – check not too uncomfortable Check the milk is being ejected into the correct place When breast fully expressed, stop suction, remove cup carefully, repeat on other breast Manual expression: Carried out by midwife / mother if no pump available / woman prefers Seat woman comfortably – bed table / similar underneath breast Place sterile receiver beneath breast to catch milk Working from the periphery, both hands either side of the breast, massage with fi rm strokes towards the nipple Compress the areola and eject the milk into the receiver As one breast releases milk, the other may also leak – receiver / breast pad in place If the milk is being saved: (i) place in a sterile bottle (ii) cover (iii) label (iv) refrigerate / freeze Student activity: Note your local policies Further reading: Bick 1999; Department of Health 1996a; Jones 1995; Lang 1994; Nikodem et al.

E. 38 weeks. e. surgically / medically with drugs Third-degree tear – involves the vaginal mucosa, superficial and deep muscles of the perineal body, and the anal sphincter (see perineal / surrounding area trauma in Section 2) TORCH – acronym for intrauterine infections – toxoplasmosis, others, rubella (a notifiable disease) cytomegalovirus, herpes (see infection – maternal, infection – neonatal and antenatal screening in Section 2) Toxaemia – a no-longer accepted term (see pre-eclampsia; and pregnancy-induced hypertension in Section 2) Trial of labour – when there is doubt about the ability of the fetal head to pass through the maternal pelvis during labour – effective uterine contractions, 18 * TRIAL OF SCAR descent, flexion and some degree of moulding may enable head progression (see CPD) Trial of scar – labour is allowed to start spontaneously (if possible) in a woman with a caesarean section scar to see if vaginal delivery is achievable – close monitoring of fetal and maternal conditions is essential Trumpet – refers to the Pinard fetal stethoscope TSA – ‘to see again’, often written in case notes TTA, TTH, TTO – ‘to take away / home / out’ (of medication) Tubes – usually refers to a stethoscope Turner’s syndrome – karyotype XO with female characteristics – ?

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