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By Andrew Roberts

ISBN-10: 0060875984

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A magisterial heritage encouraged by means of Winston Churchill's recognized opus, A background of the English-Speaking Peoples considering the fact that 1900 is an engrossing account of the 20th century, with a special point of view on our turbulent instances. In 1900, the place Churchill ended the fourth quantity of his historical past of the English-Speaking Peoples , the us had now not but emerged onto the realm scene as a good energy. but the arriving century was once to belong to the English-speaking peoples, who successively and effectively fought the Kaiser's Germany, Axis aggression and Soviet Communism, and who're now suffering opposed to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Andrew Roberts's heritage proves specifically worthwhile because the usa at the present time seems to different elements of the English-speaking global as its most sensible, closest and such a lot liable allies.

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Although in 1897 President McKinley had stated that 'forcible annexation' of the Philippines 'cannot be thought of, by our code' and would amount to 'criminal aggression', twelve months later he was willing to pay Spain $20 million for their cession to the United States. Two major factors had influenced his change of mind. 13 The other factor was 'the commercial opportunity to which American statesmanship cannot be indifferent. ' Trade has the virtue of generally benefiting colonial and colonist alike, and the total volume of Filipino overseas trade increased massively after 1898.

Although I have seen many visits of this kind, nothing has ever approached the enthusiasm and even frenzy displayed by the people of Dublin. There were, however, two places where I heard ugly sounds like booing, but they only seemed like a bagpipe drone to the highly-pitched note of the cheering. Although some Irish nationalists, such as Maud Gonne's Transvaal Committee and Arthur Griffiths' United Irishman newspaper, were supporting the Boers, several thousand Irishmen were fighting against them, and many had distinguished themselves in battle.

It will happen, but hopefully this time it will not happen violently. It if does, however, the battle-lines are easily drawn. As Winston Churchill put it in May 1938, 'It is the English-speaking nations who, almost alone, keep alight the torch of Freedom. These things are a powerful incentive to collaboration. ' In 1901, Canada was a land of almost infinite possibility and opportunity. In the last two decades of the nineteenth century, her population had increased by a staggering 24%, yet from the 1901 census figure of 5,371,315 the population then grew by two million in the first decade and then a further one-anda-half million in the next, registering an astonishing 64% increase over two decades.

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