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By Douglas Richard Parks, Lula Nora Pratt

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T-Laryngealization Rule. The stop t becomes laryngeal h when it precedes r. A+ ra®uk ‘make’ + -:hus IMPF pahaaha®uk ‘to redden’ < pahaat ‘be red’ + ra®uk ‘make; CAUS’ Rule 14. Metathesis Rule. When underlying r is followed by h, the two sounds metathesize; hence r + h â hr However, the sequence hr never occurs in spoken (or surface) forms in Skiri (as it does in South Band) because an hr sequence always reduces to h, as in the following rule. Note that the three sequential rules here–t-Laryngealization, Metathesis, and Sonorant Reduction–must be applied in the order given; that is, t-Laryngealization must be applied first and Sonorant Reduction last.

Independent modes include the indicative, negative indicative, assertive, contingent, potential, absolutive, subjunctive, and infinitive, 34 GRAMMATICAL OVERVIEW while subordinate modes are the conditional, gerundial, subjunctive, and infinitive. The forms of the modal prefixes and their functions are given in table 8. Table 8. A • Future, resultative statements • Sequential statements • Mild imperative statements, requests Potential POT Non-subordinate kuus ... A kaas ... A Statements of wish, desire Infinitive (Admonitive) INF Non-subordinate ra .

A kaas ... A Statements of wish, desire Infinitive (Admonitive) INF Non-subordinate ra . . A Unrealized, hypothetical, contrary to fact statements Infinitive INF Subordinate ra . . IND 35 GRAMMATICAL OVERVIEW Person and number. Pronominal agent and patient prefixes occur immediately following the modal prefixes [table 7:11, 12, 15]. Skiri distinguishes two persons–first and second–as well as three numbers–singular, dual, and plural. In both the dual and plural numbers there is a further distinction between inclusive (including the person spoken to) and exclusive (excluding the person spoken to) [table 7:11-12, 15].

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