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By George Hardin Brown

The Venerable Bede is a vital determine for Anglo-Saxonists, arguably an important, recognized personality from the interval. A student of overseas status from an early interval of the Anglo-Saxon church [c.672-732], he used to be the writer not just of the well known Ecclesiastical background of the English People, but additionally of scriptural commentaries, hagiographies, medical works, admonitory letters, and poetry. This ebook presents an informative, finished, and updated consultant to Bede and his writings, underlining specifically his value within the improvement of ecu background and tradition. It areas Bede in his modern Northumbria and early Anglo-Saxon England, dedicates person chapters to his works, and encompasses a bankruptcy on Bede's legacy for next background.

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112. Bede, De arte metrica, I. 24, ed. Kendall, CCSL 123A, p. ” 20 Educational Works serve a useful purpose. A key text that reveals Bede’s positive attitude towards the subject is in Book II of his commentary on I Samuel. After warning that Christians should neither love nor pursue too ardently the sweetness of secular eloquence, he discusses the meaning of Jonathan’s nourishment from the forbidden honeycomb. Certain noble leaders of the Church enjoyed the books of the pagans too much, and one of them was severely chastised for being a Ciceronian rather than a Christian (here Bede means Jerome, of course).

14. 29–30, ed. Hurst, CCSL 119, pp. 121. For an excellent summary of the complex history of grammatical texts in Anglo-Saxon England, see Vivien Law, The Insular Latin Grammarians (Woodbridge, 1982), ch. 2. The grammars themselves are found in Grammatici Latini, ed. Heinrich Keil, 7 vols. and suppl. (Leipzig, 1857–70). On Donatus, see Louis Holtz, Donat et la tradition de l’enseignement grammatical: étude sur l’Ars Donati et sa diffusion (IVe–IXe siècle) et édition critique (Paris, 1981). 21 A Companion to Bede and historical works.

Bede: The Reckoning of Time, pp. 239–40. , Bede: The Reckoning of Time, p. 249; De temporum ratione, ed. Jones, CCSL 1234B, p. ” Beda, Opera didascalia, 3, ed. Jones, CCSL 123C, pp. 635–42. Bede titles the work “De 31 A Companion to Bede Bede in chapter 30 of De temporum ratione), which was not recognized as a forgery until the Renaissance. Running counter to orthodox reckoning, it was used by the Irish as an authority against the Roman dating for Easter. 58 Bede considered all these didactic treatises, grammatical and scientific, as propaedeutics to the study of Scripture.

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