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By Mike Gallagher

ISBN-10: 1451679270

ISBN-13: 9781451679274

America, how does the liberal hate thee? allow us to count number the methods . . .
It’s exertions being a liberal nowadays. not just do a trifling 20 percentage of usa citizens determine themselves as liberal, yet you'll be able to cross broke assisting a thin double-decaf Starbucks behavior. On most sensible of that, for those who hate issues so much americans love, it’s tiring to need to forever correct/educate/fix/enlighten the terrible dullards available in the market who simply are looking to get pleasure from their lives. Which, taken as a complete, makes the typical liberal lonely, brief on money, and mad as hell! So, within the spirit of the compassion they themselves espouse, 50 issues Liberals like to Hate is fact spoken with love, a call for participation to the disenfranchised: it’s now not too overdue, liberals, to affix the thrill! C’mon, crack open a Bud and throw one other T-bone at the grill. yet kindly money your disdain on the door by way of:
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You’re not actually able to read The Richard Petty Story, but you sure do like to look at the pictures . . The only book you own is The Richard Petty Story . . You spell out NASCAR in Christmas lights . . You’ve spent more time on the top of a Winnebago than in one . . You know the “back way” to Talladega . . You can change a tire faster than you can change a diaper. But in the end, what underlies the hatred that liberals have for NASCAR and its fans is the sense that they simply don’t care what anyone thinks of them.

A narrow escape. It has nothing to do with creditworthiness or ability to pay—when you eat a meal or buy something and pay for it not with cash but with a promise, you’re a borrower, a mooch, what they call in Yiddish a schnorrer. You’re Wimpy from Popeye: I will gladly pay you at the end of this month’s billing cycle a defined minimum payment for a pile of stuff from Target today. And it’s a pretty good system. Credit cards are called unsecured debt because the bank-issuer can’t come after your assets if you end up welching on the deal.

I am in an excellent position to answer those deeper questions because I’ve been watching liberals closely for over thirty years. I’ve studied liberals like Jane Goodall studies her chimps. In their natural habitats, and without judgment. In silence mostly, because we barely speak the same language. I have been tireless in my research. I lived with liberals, and broke bread with them. I’ve humored them, teased them, prodded them, imitated them, and yes, even loved them. Some of my best friends are liberals.

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